dijous, 31 de maig de 2007

Diari del camí - 30 de maig

Diari del Camí - Llengua anglesa 

This is my first day doing th Camiño de Santiago. Today, 30th of May, we started to walk from O Cebreiro at 11:00. We walked over 6 km. We stay at Hospital de Condesa, where we arrived at 12:30. The youth hostel was closed. At 13:15 the woman at Hospital de Condesa arrived and opened the doors. We stayed there until 19:00. Then we went to draw a painting of the town's church. At 20:00 we went to have dinner to Meson Otea. After that we went again to Hospital de Condesa and at 21:30 we went to sleep.

Jessica Torres

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